About Plainview Community Concerts

The 2018-2019 season marks the 74th year that Plainview Community Concerts has provided unique, professional entertainment to subscribing members in Plainview and neighboring communities. A grant from the Sybil B. Harrington Endowment for the Arts, distributed by the Lubbock Area Foundation, Inc, has enabled PCC to increase the budget for this season of concerts. This grant, your membership, and support with special gifts make it possible for an outstanding tradition to continue.

Plainview Community Concerts is supported financially through the sale of annual memberships and the generous donations of patrons. The patron assistance helps us maintain the membership fee at an affordable level for all members of our community. Your donation to the Patron Program will ensure the continued success of Plainview Community Concerts as we continually strive to improve the quality of the artists at an extremely affordable price.


President, M. Shane Harrell
1st Vice President, Stacie Hardage
2nd Vice President, Janie Martin
3rd Vice President, McNeil Allison
Recording Secretary, Nancy Cox
Treasurer, Alice Doyle Miller
Parliamentarian, Jeannine Greene
Grant Writer, Alice Lockeby


Andrew Allison
Renee Allison
Reba Bailey
Kenneth & Barbara Burnett
Carolyn Carpenter

Carolyn Courtney
Phil Cox
Karen Crim
Tim Crosswhite
Linda Gales


Alfred Henderson
Jeannett Herring
Lanell Julian
Mike & Cornelia McDonough

Vernon & Kathy Norris